Project Proposal

The Jumpsuit Project will be a socially engaged art project conducted at UNCG during the 2016-17 academic year to raise awareness about issues relating to incarceration. The work grows out of my own personal history. In August 2012, I was issued a warrant in Washington, DC, explaining that I had four felony counts against me pending indictment. After nine months, an indictment was never issued and the felony charges were dropped to misdemeanors. In October 2013, I went to trial and lost, and 10 months later I was released from state prison. Almost a year and a half after being released, I was exonerated of all charges and granted my bill of innocence.

For more than three years, I was forced to relinquish control of my life. Through this very personal project, I want to provide an opportunity for people impacted by incarceration (whether directly or indirectly) to share their stories and to create a new network of support for each other. The stories before, during and after incarceration are usually the ones we don’t share.

UNCG community members (students, staff, faculty, administrators) will be invited to show support by sharing the information about the project through social media networks. This visual representation of incarceration will shed light on these issues and how those closely connected are affected. This project will hopefully raise questions about incarceration and start conversations about how it affects our lives.

Project Guidelines

In an effort to closely mimic my experiences during incarceration, guidelines for The Jumpsuit Project are as follows:


  • When I am on campus, I am not free to stop when traveling from one location to another. I am only permitted to stop and engage with students, faculty and staff when I am in an academic building.
  • While I am not able to stop and pose for photographs while in transit, I do encourage you to feel free to take photographs whenever you see me around campus and share on the Facebook Group and Instagram. Tag yourself, and utilize the following hashtags: #Jumpsuitproject #Jumpsuitstories #TruthInTheSuit #Reveal2Relieve #Free2Freed #SuitofTruth #FromYard2Yard


  • All requests for interviews, classroom presentations, panel discussions, and related events should be directed to The Jumpsuit Project email address:
  • If you are interested in sharing your story about how incarceration has impacted your life, please write to

#346 Sherrill Roland
UNCG School of Art
138 Gatewood Building
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402

  • Beginning in late November, I will be available for 2 video visitations/week. A sign-up sheet will be posted to the Facebook Group, and additional information will be available at that time.