In an effort to closely mimic my experiences during incarceration, guidelines for The Jumpsuit Project are as follows:


  • When I am on campus, I am not free to stop when traveling from one location to another. I am only permitted to stop and engage with students, faculty and staff when I am in an academic building.
  • While I am not able to stop and pose for photographs while in transit, I do encourage you to feel free to take photographs whenever you see me around campus and share on the Facebook Group and Instagram. Tag yourself, and utilize the following hashtags: #Jumpsuitproject #Jumpsuitstories #TruthInTheSuit #Reveal2Relieve #Free2Freed #SuitofTruth #FromYard2Yard


  • All requests for interviews, classroom presentations, panel discussions, and related events should be directed to The Jumpsuit Project email address:
  • If you are interested in sharing your story about how incarceration has impacted your life, please write to

#346 Sherrill Roland
UNCG School of Art
138 Gatewood Building
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402

  • Beginning in late November, I will be available for 2 video visitations/week. A sign-up sheet will be posted to the Facebook Group, and additional information will be available at that time.